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"Deeply emotional and real...a rewarding journey into a captivating world." - Francis DiMenno


Boston-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Joshua Pritchard has unveiled a solo project — BAD PERSON — and an electronica-influenced, viola and horn-suffused self-titled debut.

Described by former Noise senior editor Francis DiMenno as a "world-weary yet life-affirming collection of sounds," BAD PERSON was released on all major streaming platforms and limited edition vinyl in September 2018.  

While fans of Pritchard's work will recognize that the passage of time, the endurance of memory, and the contest of perseverance remain his thematic premise, BAD PERSON represents a significantly new musical approach for the artist. In addition to vocals, Pritchard performs on piano, electric piano, guitars, drums, bass, and clarinet — all in combination with sounds resulting from his recent exploration of digital audio software. 

Accomplished audiophile and musician Dave Westner serves as collaborator. He appears on drums, bass, and percussion and engineered recording sessions at Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Flourishing viola backdrops are performed by Westner's sister, Elisabeth Westner, of the renowned Symphony NH.  The record's horn section is led by tenor saxophonist, composer, and Grammy-nominated arranger Russ Gershon, founder of Accurate Records and the Either/Orchestra, a band known in part for its contributions to the celebrated Ethiopiques catalog.

Westner mixed the final tracks at his own Side Hill Sound in Waltham before the finished work was mastered by indie rock luminary Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service in Chicago, Illinois. Weston also expertly hand-cut the lacquer master for the record's limited edition vinyl run. 

Asked about the BAD PERSON moniker, Pritchard is circumspect. "In a practical sense, it's not easy being a person. In a broader sense, it's a commentary on our tendency to over-simplify everyone but ourselves."

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